Cauliflower Gift Site - Terms of Use

Use of our Intellectual Property and Copyright

• We make available to you our ideas, designs and photographs for use in producing products using our services only.

• Cauliflower Group Ltd retains the rights to all wording, images and ideas and web content provided on our websites and linked sites for personal use by the customer.

•  Use of our content, (Words, Graphics, Photographs) for setting up a commercial business is prohibited and will be a breach of our copyright.


Use of Third Party Property by the Customer

Our projects are self editing and you as the user of this site must ensure any content you use for production of your gifts and or printed material has the correct permissions and do not break Copyright Law.

Use of Software

By using our software you as the user are subject to these Terms and Conditions as published by Cauliflower Group Ltd on this site.

Please make yourself familiar with the Terms and Conditions! By continuing to use this site it will be taken as confirmation that you accept the terms and conditions as set out on this site in relationship to using this site.

In agreeing to our terms you are agreeing NOT to use images or wording that is inappropriate, unlawful or in bad taste.

Our software is a web to print application where we do not check your request, however should we see suspicious content during production, we reserve the right to refuse to despatch your goods (without refund) and where appropriate will pass on anything unlawful to the police.

Please note although our terms and conditions may be similar on each of our sites they may contain specific sections related to the products or services we are providing.