Are You Raising Funds For Your School?

Cauliflower Group Ltd started it's life as a school fundraising company producing bespoke products using childrens artwork. As this forms a core part of our roots we continue to offer fundraising opportunities across all our sites and our gift site is no exception.

As one of the largest Fundraising Companys in the country we have worked with over 6000 schools - all of these schools already have a school code on our system.  The school code allows us to further donate up to 5% of each product price towards schools that have or wish to work with us.

School Code or School Postal Code

Your child's unique order code which can be located on the back of printed Cards, on labels of Mug Boxes, on online order receipts and on School Invoices can be used to help us identify your school or you can use the school postal code. This must be entered into the code box when you make a purchase a product so that commission can be allocated.

Commission Payments

Payments to schools are made by cheque and will be made out in amounts of £50+ or settled at the end of our financial year in August if under £50.