Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Related to Embroidered Soft Toys

  • What age are the toys suitable for?  All embroidered soft toys have been certified for Newborns.  If you add accessories ( eg a ribbon) this will mean that the toy is not suitable for any children under 3.
  • Can I have an embroidery I have seen on a different toy, embroidered on the toy I would like to buy? Unfortunately our ordering system only allows us to track orders that have been placed through our website with the allocated product and related embroidery.  
  • Can I have the embroidery in a different colour than advertised? At the moment it is only possible to order the soft toy and embroidery in the colour options advertised.
  • Do the soft toys come boxed? The toys are individually boxed in a white carton box with our logo on the front and top.